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Give Me The Deets is an audio space where we interview people with passion... passion for human rights, for loving others, for comedy, for writing, for politics, for finding answers to gut-wrenching questions... in an effort to broaden our understanding of others and break down stereotypes. Join us, give us feedback, and share with your friends!
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Mar 24, 2017

Gigi De La Rosa is a senior at UMBC, set to graduate in May with a BA in Global Studies and a minor in Sociology and Spanish. She is a first generation American and passionate about helping the immigrant and refugee population.

In this episode, Mary and Erin open by discussing TV shows and books they are enjoying. Topics include: diet culture, crazy exes, slaying vampires, and being on the hunt for good news stories.

In this interview, Gigi tells us what it was like growing up with parents from two different cultures and religions. She also talks about religious traditions, challenges immigrants may face when acclimating to America culture, and what it’s like being a senior in college in 2017.

Links discussed:

Asylee Women Enterprise

Mar 9, 2017

In this episode we talk to Aseloka (Selly) Smith, producer and host of the podcast Regular Black Radio. We learn what it was like to be the daughter of a preacher and we discuss faith, racism, finding your community, what it means to imagine others complexly, and how not to be a dick. (note: this was recorded pre-election)

About Selly:
Selly is a podcast enthusiast and storyteller who loves to draw and loves her cats. She hosts her own podcast, Regular Black Radio, where she talks to black people about their black experiences and spends much of her free time listening to other people’s podcasts about nearly anything you can imagine. She’s a nerd on so many levels and loves every minute of it!

Links to the videos we talk about in this episode: (vlogbrothers)